place your order for pick up

how does it work?

You will place your order through our website and then pay through our Paypal at the end of your order. Once you have placed your order, you will pick up your juices the following weekend at The Red Store. Please note that to be able to receive your order promptly, you must complete the ordering process by 2:30pm Sunday.

where can I pick up my order?

The Red Store at 522 Cape Avenue, Cape May Point, NJ.

when will my juice be ready?
Orders will be ready for pickup the following Friday- Sunday 

when does my order have to be placed?

Orders must be placed by Sunday before 2:30pm for a Thursday pickup.

how do I pay?

Through our website's Paypal. 

any questions?

Email our Master Juicer Vanessa v26ness@aol.com

our story 

We are a small batch company and we want to share our love for juice with you!  We believe in the benefits of juicing and experience them daily. We understand what a challenge healthy living can be, especially vacationing at the beach. pureJUICE can help balance out those overindulging days and bring a healthy option to the community.

pureJUICES are: 

raw: no heat (pasteurization), no HPP (high pressure processing), no special processes done to extend shelf life or preserve freshness.

fresh: no added sugars or preservatives  100% JUICE 100% PURE

cold-pressed:  2-step method that grinds fruits & vegetables to a fine pulp. Then, using a hydraulic press, the juice is directly extracted from the pulp, without heat and minimum exposure to air.  This slow extraction method allows the living nutrients and vital elements to stay intact.  Studies show cold-pressed juices have more nutrients versus other juicing methods.

convenient: Our recyclable #1 PET plastic bottles (also BPA free) fit in with the beach lifestyle and are ready to grab and go.

We want to show you that healthy living can be fun & delicious with organic ingredients and lots of love in Cape May Point, NJ