​​2017 summer brunch menu 

Homemade Bread to Start 

Ask your server about our daily selection of homemade pastries and breads served with butter and seasonal jam

Light Start Jar 

Low fat greek yogurt, housemate granola, strawberries, bananas, and honey

House Omelet 

Made with beach plum farm eggs, French style omelet with Virginia ham, Ms Quickes cheddar blend, herbs and served with Spanish home fries 

Greek Omelet  add Grilled Shrimp 

Made with beach plum farm eggs, baby spinach, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and served with Spanish home fries 


Eggs any style, rice and beans, guacamole, home fries, pico de gallo, crema, fried plantains, fried queso fresco and grilled tortilla

Bacon Steak and Eggs 

Thick cut apple wood smoked bacon steak, eggs any style, Spanish home fries, toast and our "fruit salad"

Shrimp + Grits 

Bob's Mill Cheddar grits, poached egg, grilled shrimp, chorizo + red chili sauce

Huevos Rancheros 

House smoked and pulled pork, "Fernando's black beans," house made biscuit, cheddar, over easy egg, pickled jalapenos, tomato, guacamole, and crema 

Daily Baked Quiche 

Ask your server about our daily option served with our "fruit salad"

House Made Pancake (2)  add Bacon 

Served with butter, maple syrup, powder sugar, and served with seasonal fruit

The Red Store Pancake 

Crab, corn, roasted poblano pepper, feta cheese pancakes, arugula, creme fraiche and bacon 

French Toast "Special"  add Bacon 

Buttered and toasted banana bread, caramelized apples maple sauce, and toasted nuts 

Beach Plum Farm Tartine 

Multigrain grilled bread, smoked salmon, red onion, avocado, dill crema and green salad

Avocado Toast   add Egg 

Melted cheddar, cherry tomatoes, arugula, creamy cream cheese, served on an open face toasted multigrain

Chorizo Torta    add Egg 

House made spicy breakfast sausage, avocado, roasted poblano peppers, sharp cheddar, tomato jam, red onion, fresh crema, served on a toasted brioche bun and Spanish home fries

Artisanal Grilled Cheese 

Smoked duck breast, smoked gouda, tomato jam, baby spinach and roasted poblano, and red onion served on our toasted house made country bread and served with our fruit salad 

ABLT    add Egg 

Avocado, apple wood smoked bacon, baby arugula and our tomato jam served on a toasted homemade croissant served with Spanish home fries


House brined pork tenderloin, Virginia ham, swiss cheese, Red Store bread and butter pickles, house made grain mustard, served with house cut herbed garlic fries 

The Red Store Burger 

Choice of cheese: American or Sharp Cheddar, caramelized onions and mushrooms, tomato, grain mustard served on a toasted bun with house cut herbed garlic fries

Taco Truck Fish Tacos (2) 

Served with grilled corn tortillas, guacamole, tomato jam, our Mexican pickled slaw, cilantro and our "fruit salad"

The Fisherman Bowl 

Blackened local flounder, wheat berries, baby spinach, pico de gallo, capers, parsley, red onion salad, and dill crema 

For the Kids (only 12 & under)

comes with a glass of milk or upgrade with fresh orange juice $2

Breakfast Sandwich 

Scrambled egg, apple wood bacon, American cheese, home fries, served on white bread 

Kids Grilled Cheese    add ham   add tomato 

Served with chips and fruit 

Choco Chip Pancake 

Served with maple syrup and fresh fruit

Kids Burger   add cheese 

served with chips or fries 


Regular or DeCaf "Brooklyn Blend" by Gotham Coffee 


Add shot 

Cafe Au Lait 




Iced Coffee 

Ice T 

Lemon Mint Ice T